What is clinical hypnotherapy?​

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that most people will have experienced at some time or another, probably without realising they were in a state of trance.  It allows us to access knowledge, resources and capabilities that are not readily available at a conscious level.  Hypnotherapy is a deeply respectful and ethical approach to human change which uses a state of hypnosis to enable clients to take greater control of their lives and move forward in a more balanced and life-enhancing manner. This approach can be used in ways that lead to constructive and beneficial change.  Care is taken to ensure that any change generated is compatible with mutually agreed goals and the greater environment within which the client lives and works.

What problems can clinical hypnotherapy help?

Every client is unique, and their issues and concerns are rarely simple. These may stem from a simple desire to improve one’s lifestyle and wellbeing, or may represent deep-seated emotional issues. My aim is to make a thorough assessment of a client’s holistic needs before recommending an intervention strategy.

Common issues people consult a clinical hypnotherapist for include:
• Stress
• Anxiety disorders
• Panic attacks
• Insomnia
• Smoking Cessation
• Weight loss
• Lifestyle improvement
• Phobias
• Certain patterns and behaviours in children - e.g. bed-wetting, nail-biting, thumb-sucking
• Personal performance – improving achievement in sports, public speaking, exams, interviews

This list is not exhaustive - if you wish to discuss other issues that you feel may be responsive to hypnotherapy then please feel free to contact me now to find out whether I can be of help.

With a background in conventional nursing, I believe that my strategies should complement rather than replace traditional medical techniques. If at any stage I am concerned that your condition warrants further medical investigation or treatment then I will recommend this course of action.

With your permission, I will be happy to liaise with your existing medical practitioner.


What does a hypnotherapy session involve?

True clinical hypnotherapy is not a magic wand to make you change the way you are behaving. There is no risk of you being forced to behave in any manner or divulge any information against your will as seen in "stage" hypnotism.

Instead, hypnotherapy is a two-way process requiring a partnership of trust between therapist and client. It is not something that is "done" to a client. It is an interactive process between us, with you helping to guide the direction the therapy takes through your preferences and feedback.

For some people this involves building on positive aspects of their behaviour such as improving confidence and performance; for others it may centre on finding ways to modify negative behaviour to adopt a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.

During therapy you will be encouraged to relax as I guide you through techniques of exploring your subconscious approach to managing your personal issues; this is both a calm and refreshing experience